Hệ thống FM200




  • High weight efficiency, minimal number of agent cylinders.
  • Environmentally acceptable and in line with the Montreal and Kyoto Protocol requirements by having 0 ODP and low greenhouse effect potential.
  • Safe for humans, since they are non-toxic.
  • No residues upon discharge.

Fire suppression mechanism
With only 10s of discharge, the agents are removing sufficient heat from the fire and interrupting the combustion chain reaction, extinguishing it completely.

Methods of application
Chemical agents must be discharged in adequately sealed rooms to ensure reaching the necessary extinguishing concentrations determined by the International Standards. Therefore these agents can only be applied in total flooding applications.

Typical hazards protected
Ideally used in situations where water from fire sprinkler would damage expensive equipment or where water-based fire protection is impractical, such as museums, banks, clean rooms, IT rooms and hospitals.

Check out our system’s key features:

  • Maintenance at its safest; all components may be assembled and disassembled whilst under pressure, this includes: pressure gauge, pneumatic release, manual release and solenoid valve.
  • Discharge-free commissioning system, whilst performing system functional testing during commissioning, the release circuit can be disconnected from the valves avoiding any accidental discharge and allow easy testing.
  • Standing strong and secure; stand alone or wall mounted brackets with several configurations available, adapting the system to the room space.
  • Flexible and resistant; all release and discharge hoses take into account the best balance between flexibility and durability, allowing easy installation and strength to withstand the pass of time.
  • Differential pressure actuation allows using the same pressure from the cylinder to maintain the valve closed, reducing dramatically leakage problems even with high temperature fluctuations.
  • Uses high pressure technology in a wide range of cylinder sizes, 26 litre to 120 litre pressurized at 42 bar, as well as high capacity 240 litre cylinders at 25 bar. This variety of cylinder sizes allows great flexibility when designing for hazards of different volumes, allowing that the most adequate solution is always applied.

Our engineers are prepared to design the Chemical fire suppression projects according to the required standard:
- NFPA 2001: 2012
- EN15004: 2008

The components as well as the systems assembled with them have been verified and approved by the following independent, third-party bodies:
- UL listed, according to UL 2166 “Halocarbon Clean Agent Extinguishing system units”
- CE marking according to EN12094